This library currently supports ET 2. Debian separates SDL into different packages according to backend. Thanks nullkey for fixing my sound issue! Excellent, that’s relevant and rules out dmix, leaving gain. Sign up using Email and Password. As i said, thank you very much. As for the second, can you not understand the need to communicate frustration and even anger for the strong-arm adoption imperative that, at least for some, creates so many more problems than it solves and mostly to benefit crappy onboard sound, leaving those of us who spend for actual quality in audio, which matters so much to those of us that work in it that it seems like a solution searching for a problem?

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It works for me ty! The results of both excutions: It might also be problem in SDL libraries.

My speakers svl very good but what I hear sounds OK or at least much much better compared to crackling sonud via alsa. Gordon icculus wrote on Excellent, that’s relevant and rules out dmix, leaving gain. Some assertion failure while starting up. Do you know what it may be? Because my post was rather long, I’ll summarize it here: I’m wondering is there any method available to “repair” this bug installing older version or smthng.


So I know it is giving me trouble but I am determined.

Loading sdl sound with pulse

OpenAL soft releases 1. Previously, pausing and playing the file would remove the crackling – so it wasn’t always present hence my reason for suspecting this bug may not be my issue. I think I’ve seen that error before But it took a few minutes to figure out that I didn’t have libsdl installed.

Originally Posted by selfprogrammed. This book contains many real life examples derived from the author’s experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant.

We do a little boundary check to make sure the ID is valid, and then actually try to play the sound.

Loading sdl sound with pulse

Soun don’t really understand the alsa code enough to truly grok this option’s implications. But I tried the sample app from there: No such file or directory mark mark-desktop: If i use static version with!

Figured out something about the PulseAudio error messages. Another Neverball contributor here. As always, your mileage may vary sl thanks again! You could also set the sound input to be ALSA which for regular users is less likely to be blocked by another application, as recording with multiple applications at once is less commonly done.


[HOWTO] SDL sound (read: ALSA) support for Enemy Territory [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Please don’t try to find hacks and tricks to make it work. Attempting to resolve master6. Sound Card is a USB v1. We have our static control, our empty constructor, and then our loading function.

This means every sound played by Pidgin will be marked as an “event” sound. The version I use came from the repositories. I set it to be close to the pulseaudio daemaon priority.

There might be a third problem, but I don’t see it yet. The following information is for Teeworlds before version 0.